Special: transparent stairs and walkways to brighten home

Playing with transparencies is an outstanding resource of contemporary architecture to maximize the flow of natural light in every room of the house. The use of glass beyond the windows brings a feeling of lightness and openness that give rise to interesting visual perceptions, magnify space and can appreciate the beauty of the building from different perspectives. Both gateways as transparent stairs are key elements of the architecture of Joan Enric Ejarque Velàzquez, founder of Minka Houses and Jeev Architecture.

The modern and efficient design is one of the pillars of Minka Houses, where minimalism and elegance are not at odds with all kinds of details that reflect the architect ‘s seal. In this post, we snuck in different houses Minka to discover the designs of the most elegant walkways and stairs.

pasarela 2 niveles

Volume set at two levels

Glass is the star material in this house 

This single family home is the ultimate open to natural light. Glass is the star material in this house painted white and built entirely with wooden structure that characterizes the Houses Minka. The slope of the land increases the house and completely exposed to the landscape and light, a privileged position which is taken as a common thread throughout the design.

The glass walls surrounding the house and a white staircase invited to visit the top floor, which merges with the first by a set of volumes and a transparent gateway chaired by a bookstore. The housing, in turn, blends with the exterior landscape and transparencies facilitate the movement of light and shadow, bringing dynamism to home.

casa con espacios abiertos
pasarela libreria

The detail in a library

Finding contrasts makes it possible to balance

The color and warmth of libraries placed next to the lightness of the transparent gateways is one of the favorite combinations of the architect. Finding contrasts makes it possible to balance and in this case, the gateway opens into an intimate space that invites reading and integrate this activity in household dynamics.

Wooden stairs and transparencies

The inclusion of natural elements inside the house

The following ongoing project is notable for the inclusion of natural elements in the interior of the housing and the use of light through different resources. Wood stands as outstanding for warmth and a Nordic touch to the house material.

escalera madera
escalera madera 2

Although the overuse this material may darken the space, incorporating a staircase light and glass walls convey the feeling of openness and light and allow the flow of natural light in every room of the house, giving special attention to the interior garden It is seen in the image.

The metallic touch

The metallic elements blend seamlessly with the glass

The industrial style is not incompatible with transparencies. Moreover, the metallic elements blend seamlessly with the glass and open spaces, which soften the strength of materials such as metal or steel.

escalera metal
escalera metal 2

This house Minka has a markedly industrial exclusive design which integrates the solemn color metal with the outside landscape, giving way to natural light. Particularly noteworthy are the stairs, minimal expression of thin metal sheets that transmit the sensation of floating in space when accessing the background, experiences that go beyond the visual aesthetics.

And at night … LED lights

An unique effect that adds value unexpected corners of  home

While the main function of the transparencies is giving way to natural light and connect the different rooms of the house, the game does not end in daylight hours. Joan Enric Ejarque Velàzquez often bet by the incorporation of LED lights, besides being efficient, create a unique effect that adds value unexpected corners of  home. This lighting creates new experiences for the inhabitants of the house through the shadows and mirror effect is reflected in the glass walls. Pure sensuality.

escalera led

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