The 5 most spectacular houses from MINKA Houses

The modern houses from Minka Houses are the result of architectural ingenuity and ability of Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, who devised a new unprecedented construction system. The MINKA HOUSES method marks a milestone in the architecture, as a choice of luxury homes which differs from the others in many ways. One of the main is its spectacular design, personalized and unique, that fits the lifestyle of each person and respects their tastes, their habits and lifestyle. The houses are impressive and, seeing them, it seems incredible to think that were built in such a short time. They are also environmentally friendly and finishes and details are of the highest quality that can offer the market.

These dream houses are acquired through a contract with a closed price that MINKA HOUSES offers, from the first moment, to the customer, when making a budget request price. This first contact does not require great efforts, because it is enough to know the ground surface where you want to build for have, in less than a minute, a detailed budget that will not change later. This is possible because of the type of construction that Joan Enric created and, by its nature, is very accurate in terms of prices, since it eliminates the margin of error and maintains affordable costs to the end buyer.

In order to better understand what are the houses of MINKA Houses, you may be interested to see some of the best examples of beauty and functionality. See, then, what it means to live in a different house through the top 5 MINKA Houses. With these examples, you will see more clearly why the houses of MINKA HOUSES are so spectacular.


1. Modern House MINKA HOUSES – San Sebastian

Modern House with access to double height that gives a luxury feeling

It is a house of 200 square meters we can see on a rectangular-oriented southern sun. The design is that of a two-storey house. The project offered to this client is characterized by a compact housing, which earns shaped by a set of drawings on the facade. In the outdoor areas, it has a garden and a pool area. Inside, it has a double height access that connects the two levels of the house and gives a sense of luxury, from the first moment when you enter in to the house.

The ground floor: the space consists of parts, where the family spends the day time. There is little boundary between inside and outside, precisely because the idea is to invite sharing time taking advantage of daylight hours.

The first floor: divided into two areas, which differ by a vertical core. In one of the areas is the master bedroom. In another area, separate from the first, are the others bedrooms. All spaces have a large outdoor open because seek to provide light to the whole house. However, privacy is absolute, both to the outside of the house as inside, as the two sleeping areas are separated strategically.

This project was carried out fully, in a record four months and half time in the Sant Cugat del Valles. The structural system is made of laminated wood, and from the entrance, you can appreciate the quality of design, as the previous ample space inside the house brings elegance. The entire interior is characterized by light gets through the many glass walls. The house always has an excellent climate, is the most efficient energy level.

2. Modern House MINKA HOUSES
Can Brou


The construction time of this spectacular home was only six months.

Modern House with Extra personality and excellent design.


Can Brou house has more surface than the house we saw before. In this case, we speak about a plot with high slope, an area of 350 square meters and triangular dimensions. For its complexity and length, he appeared as a new challenge which allowed the possibility of surprise to the customers with an extra personality and excellent design.

The guidance was good, but looked towards the neighbors and for this reason, must give itself a solution for the family privacy. The solution was a housing composed of two bodies: one elongated, flying over the basement and wich is the first floor; and a second body, which overlaps the first and ends in a beautiful pool. A glass walkway connects both floors.

In the basement, we can find the garage, warehouse and facilities. Then, on the ground floor, bamboo plants add a touch of sophistication that invites them to continue discovering the house.

The build time for this spectacular home was only six months.

3. Modern House MINKA HOUSES
Roda de Bará

Modern house with more spacious environments and that gives spectacular to the home

On a 150 square meters plot, customers reported that they wanted to obtain a second home where they can relax more. The house design should be very harmonious look to offer, in this way, the peace that customers requested.

The architectural solution proposed is a ground floor which has two volumes: one private and closed with more features and other one more public and with open forms. On the private side, we find the spaces of kitchen, living and dining room in an open space that gives much feeling of space and opens onto the front exterior of the house, where the swimming pool and the back is located.

The back of this space communicates with bedroom space, consisting of a master suite and two rooms.

The building is L-shaped and, in all areas, attempting to capture the maximum amount of light possible. It is important to say that the shape of the house plays with the boundaries between outer space and the interior, so that larger environments are created and that provide spectacular home. This project was realized in just four months.



The house plays with the limits between the outer space and the interior, in a way that creates wider environments

4. Modern House MINKA HOUSES
Can Majó

Modern house that highlights the landscape as an element of beauty never seen before.

275 square meters define one of the best houses in Valldoreix. Can Majo is situated on a large plot, but with difficulty worthy of mention: its steep slopes.

While this may be seen as a problem, the architects in charge of the order managed to turn it into an advantage because they played with the terrain to create the feeling of a house that has a pool hanging. And thanks precisely to this slope, the house has, from all points, a privileged view.

This house has two volumes and terraces to the south, where the pool is placed. The ground floor is made of double height and is an open space, where you can find everything you need for a perfect day. Upstairs on the first floor is the bedroom space. This house has four bedrooms and a study leading to the central hall.

5. Modern House MINKA HOUSES
Rambla Jardí

Modern house that offers response to the real needs of the client. All parts of the house are bright.

On a plot of 700 square meters, the house sits Rambla Jardi. Also located in Valldoreix, it is a house composed of a rectangular volume, on the first floor; and two transverse lower volumes that make up the ground floor. In this plant, which, as we see, is divided into two parts, the garage is located, along with the guest room and kitchen; and the dining room, which is open and connected to the outdoor garden space.

These two volumes are mixed in the form of yard. This yard is adjacent to the stairs. There is a double height space that connects the living area on the ground floor with the top floor. This area offers plenty of decoration and creates an environment in amplitude between one space and another, but at the same time, integrates both spaces subtly.

Upstairs, a part of public areas such as the library, and a space where the family rooms was created. All parts of the house are bright, as we have seen in previous examples, and each has a functionality.

Rambla Jardi design and other properties described above is intended to respond to the real needs of customers, as this is the main objective of the home team MINKA HOUSES: Satisfaction with the house designed.

Excellence in the architectural work of all these houses, which are a clear example of the luxury of a private house MINKA HOUSES, joins the ability to deliver in the hands of an expert team of interior design your new home. You must also remember that, throughout the construction process, your participation is key to the definition of finished using and other details of the house. If you want a luxury, cozy and suited to your lifestyle, MINKA HOUSES is your best choice.

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The 5 most spectacular houses from MINKA Houses
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