The latest trends in fireplaces design: as merging style and warmth

chimeneas_de_diseno escultura

A distinctive style of modern houses

Place a fireplace in a designer home is a wise decision to give a touch of warmth to the minimalist spaces. The contrast of open and bright with heat and movement of the fire stays, creates a very attractive and welcoming effect, especially during the cold days that, more than ever, invite you to enjoy the interior spaces. The design of this element as old as practical furniture, has evolved a lot in recent times, into a distinctive style of modern houses. Here we show a selection of the best fireplaces for warmth during the coldest season of the year:

1. By Minka Houses 

Subtle and stylish

Surrounded by glass and fully open to outside views, this townhouse features a touch of warmth with a rectangular fireplace is claimed as a key part of the room. The style in harmony with the geometry of the house, minimalist lines and open spaces, and large give a sculptural air, which goes beyond its original function. The house is part of the product Minka Houses, a concept of modern and sustainable homes,designed by architect Enric Joan Ejarque Velázquez (Jeev Architecture).

chimenea_diseno minka
Foto: Pedro Ballesteros
chimeneas_de_diseno oscura
Foto: David Duncan Livingston

2. Designed by Cary Bernstein


Elegance and dark shades, Fireside Splendor

Especially suitable for houses with high ceilings, this fireplace exudes elegance from all sides. Wedged between a column of dark tones, enhances the color of the flames and breaks the solemnity of the rest of the minimalist furniture. A clear example of combining elegance and functionality, while reinforcing the sense of height and breadth of space.

3. By Ilija Karlusic

This design is ideal to surprise guests with a structure that includes a fireplace and space for storing firewood. Natural materials such as decorative element are trend and give a lot of play combined with modern furniture in bright colors. Especially recommended for large eaters.

Scratchy and contemporary

chimeneas_de_diseno contemporanea
Foto: Rhiannon Slatter
chimeneas_de_diseno colgante
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

4. By Jeev Arquitectura

Hanging Fireplace

Fireplace gravity-defying design with a “hanging”. This unique structure is presented as the most prominent decorative element of the room, playing with the contrast of industrial touch iron and heat of fire. The fireplace offers many possibilities, since it is not subject to the walls of the house and is especially suitable for large spaces with exterior views.

5. Design by Mark English

Contrast with stone

A horizontal chimney stands by the fusion of natural elements: stone walls represents the rustic and relaxing air of the house while the fire symbolizes the movement and strength. The combination of modern and dark furniture with the warm tones of the floors, walls and fire form a very elegant visual contrast. A discreet design that invites you to enjoy the warmth of the winter evenings in good company.

chimeneas_de_diseno piedra
Foto: Norma Lopez Molina
chimeneas_de_diseno integrada
Foto: Pedro Ballesteros

6. Jeev study Architecture

Subtlety, minimalism and modernity to exalt the beauty of fire. This fireplace minimalist design merges with the space that welcomes Jeev study Architecture in Sant Cugat del Valles. The circular lines and integrated with the walls create a visual sense effect where the movement of fire contrasts with the white and elegant hall aesthetics.

A fireplace integrated into the wall

7. Separating stays

The chimney stays as separator

Fireplaces are not exclusive dining rooms or lounges. In this case it has been used very successful way as spacer element, a particularly useful resource in very large rooms or a single room studios. This gas fireplace leaves no trace of smoke and forms a decorative element that highlights the beauty of the bedroom. One idea applicable to different areas of a home or office.

chimeneas_de_diseno separador
chimeneas_de_diseno escultura

8. The sculpture

Sculptural Elegance

Creativity has no limits, this example of fireplace is a strong block that blends metal with fire, creating a visual aesthetic effect is practically a work of art. The combination with the natural environment reinforces the groundbreaking style of this proposal that leaves no one indifferent. Ideal for decorating wide open spaces with lots of personality.

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The latest trends in fireplaces design: as merging style and warmth
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