We review the trends in modern design houses

Among the new trends of modern houses that are going strong, they have made their way into houses MINKA signature design. And it is that the architects of the Catalan Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez has implemented an innovative and cutting-edge method of designing and building homes. We quote also the word homes to add a touch of closeness, for you, the customer, are the most important part for transmitting the team of architects your desires and needs and therefore feel will be your home as a home since before its first plane is made.

In MINKA HOUSES tradition is respected and at the same time, look to the future with rigor and enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, the company name comes from the traditional Japanese houses. Some constructions that perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. A trip to Japan Ejarque Velázquez Joan Enric marked the starting point of the project MINKA HOUSES, which merges the foundations of the architecture of life with the most sophisticated concepts and futuristic.

Then the latest trends in building design houses are reviewed, which are reflected in the unique constructions carried out by MINKA HOUSES.

exterior de una casa moderna

The modernity made house

Modernity and MINKA HOUSES are two concepts that go hand in hand. And, often, it is natural to observe a house with a design of the most current and fully functional and give you to ensure that it is a creation of MINKA HOUSES.

MINKA HOUSES responsible are aware of the new constructive tendencies because, in fact, his architectural firm is involved in the processes of gestation of everyday life of these cutting-edge trends. 

In this regard, we note that there are recognizable qualities and modern in design houses that we are dealing with. First, in line with the original Japanese minkas, a search for natural feelings between spaces, which passes through an important integration with the environment is projected. Therefore, there is a fluid communication between the needs and capabilities of the interior and exterior spaces of the house is essential.

Moreover, volumes, as shown in facades, acquired pure forms. This translates, for example, in the elegance of some forms of classical style, but fully adapted to modern trends. And that minimalism is no longer an upward trend. This architectural concept is embodied to perfection by nobles, such as wood, steel and stone materials. Glass also plays an essential role in MINKA HOUSES spaces. Furthermore, the design of these modern houses attaches great importance to light (especially, at the entrance of the natural), so its use will be key in the configuration of the rooms.

In summary, modern designs MINKA HOUSES is characterized by a genuine passion for the forms. Distributions are functional and clear and volumes are inserted into certainly aesthetic combinations.

Therefore, this concept of modernity is reflected in the front lines, welcoming environments and highest quality finishes.


Your contribution is essential

Something that makes them unique MINKA HOUSES creations  is that you can own a single house. And that home will be designed with input you’re going to be able to perform, so that will be a partner advised by professionals in the design of these spaces. 

This way, you get one of the main objectives of MINKA HOUSES, in line with current trends in design houses: generating emotions and feelings. These constructions transpire sensitivity. A sensitivity also very particular, since it is yours.

Therefore, one of the peculiarities in always positive sense, these modern houses is that will suit your tastes. An example of this is that you will have the ability to configure spaces other than the usual in conventional homes.
Broadly speaking, this philosophy of customer service, which becomes the center of all the architectural production, is one of the hallmarks that MINKA HOUSES brings to the current scene of the latest trends in design houses. 

Let fly the imagination of future owners and offer expert advice from design and construction professionals of MINKA HOUSES.


The MINKA method as an example of modern houses of the early 21st century

Beyond photo catalogs design houses sometimes worth to pay attention to the recent trajectories of architectural studies and ensure which follow an innovative line and creator of new trends.



Undoubtedly, MINKA HOUSES offers solutions in architecture for the times. You have to take into account that we live in a society in which the city planning requirements are very high. Time, in this aspect, is also money. Therefore, we want and we need not only the houses are built properly, but also that can be used very quickly.

These results can only be achieved with absolute control of all the processes involved in the design and construction of modern houses. This systematization of operations to be performed is the one that enables those responsible for MINKA HOUSES can both guarantee the right to enjoy your home as a closed budget period.

You know that, since 2008, we have gone through a structural economic crisis fatal consequences. Consequently, domestic economies have been very touched and precisely one of the sectors most affected by this crisis has been the real estate, following the bursting of the bubble that had been created.

For there is no frights with modified many works, from MINKA HOUSES also offer you affordable prices and a closed budget. Besides, like the initial price agreed will be respected, there will be deviations related to the completion date of the works, so as future owner will have room to plan your house change.


And it is that modernity not reflected only in the design of sophisticated and functional architectural lines of the  MINKA houses construction, but also reveals a genuine revolution associated with forms of relationship between the client and the construction company . A relationship must be based on complete trust and scrupulous respect for the conditions of the contracts.

This seriousness on time is becoming known as the MINKA method. Broadly speaking, these are the main stages, accompanied by the relevant deadlines:

1. Your explanation of your dream home and applications you will give to (may be today).

2. Preparation by the team of designers the basic design of your home and you contrast finishes and details (between a month and a month and a half).

3. Order of the structure and realization of the executive project (between month and a half to two months).

4. Assembling the structure of your home on the ground (one week).

5. Complete construction of your house (four months).

In summary, record a time of design and construction of what will be your home. And with great detail and ongoing monitoring of the technical team of MINKA HOUSES. You can assume that, in addition to your contributions and qualities MINKA Houses catalog, your house will have all the systems and approved safety certificates. It is hard to imagine, finally, a system of building more modern and focused, as a cornerstone in the design houses.


The modern through the ecological revolution

Sometimes, modernity invites us to preserve the original. And nature is perhaps the most important concept, the origin of everything. Therefore, this inspiration lives on in every constructive design MINKA HOUSES.

Ecology and technology, on the other hand, are not irreconcilable concepts but can mutually benefit. One example refers to how a natural material such as wood, merges with the technology we know as CLT. This wooden structure technology has distinct advantages: safety, durability, strength, sustainability … In fact, the materials used in the works of MINKA HOUSES have been achieved with eco-friendly criteria.

Energy efficiency becomes, how could it be otherwise, an essential concept. And the wood, its insulating capacity, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the most appropriate for each moment of the day temperatures. This is a benefit in which we must also emphasize that daylighting, derived from the orientation of the house, has a significant impact. Finally, we note that the characteristic energy saving systems of MINKA HOUSES have a grade between A and B.

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We review the trends in modern design houses
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