Where is the best chocolate in Spain?

Chocolate, the sweet par excellence

It is the characteristic flavour and elemental concepts we associate with “dessert”, “sweet”, “cake” or “whim”. We have it everywhere and in all formats. Chocolate bars, pralines, dairy desserts, drinks, creams, ice creams, mousses, pastries, pies and cakes. Chocolate find it in bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, cafes, churros, the kiosk on the corner, the supermarket below, the food industry and, of course pastry. The neighborhood and the most exclusive.

The chocolate is an ingredient, a food and a passion. You can find it anywhere, allowing you to satisfy the whim and craving at any time. In general, we got used to chocolate medium quality, easy to find and consume. Now, chocolate can be an absolutely exclusive ingredient.

Chocolate, food culture

Chocolate is a really complex ingredient. We have already mentioned the many formats in which we can find, as well as their availability. There is always some form of chocolate by hand. But that should not make us forget that behind the taste there is a whole science.

The development of good chocolate is a branch of the kitchen, such as pastries in general it seems laboratory. The pastry is a universe of precise measurements, accurate temperatures and strictly controlled procedures. And the making of chocolate takes the cake when it comes to thoroughness and knowledge.

Cocoa goes through many stages from selecting the right grain and until served to the consumer. The best chocolate manufacturers produce the best … for the best pastry chefs prepare their best sweets. It is a long chain that has become a gastronomic culture itself.

The big chocolate confectioners

Sometimes we forget that chocolate tasted in confectioners and pastry shops must be produced by someone, a manufacturer that supplies to bakers and cooks. The best of these professionals refuse, and rightly so, to work with a raw material that is not simply the best. So where does that chocolate?

The elaboration of the best chocolate, as raw material, is a complex process and, although teachers can meet and master confectioners, most of the time, do not produce themselves. Overall, it is an expensive process in time and resources.

Therefore, the great chocolate production is in the hands of specialist chocolatiers, they can sell both chocolate aficionados (in the form of tablets, sweets, biscuits or as a cooking ingredient, among many other formats) as bakeries, the cafes and restaurants, which will make their own recipes. The following brands are considered among the best chocolateras that can be found in Spain.

Foreign chocolate houses


The Belgians are renowned chocolatiers, so it is not surprising that considered best chocolate house in the world is there. Indeed, Godiva is perhaps most recognized brand chocolate professionals, which offers the best product.

It is present throughout the world and also in Spain. You can enjoy your chocolates in Madrid and Barcelona or place an order online. So you can enjoy your tablets, chocolates, truffles, biscuits and other wonders smoothly away.
Godiva product comes in bright and luxurious cases. An extraordinary quality chocolate -te aseguramos- change your perception of this product. Elegance, taste, delicacy and refined aromas.



The French Richart sells , they say the world ‘s most expensive chocolate. Their quality is unquestionable, but not necessarily have to go for the chocolate record, because its menu of products is quite wide. You can check your store in Barcelona with lots of chocolates at your disposal. Elegance, innovation and style with a gourmet chocolates so beautiful to look at as delicious to the palate. Richart has been producing a luxury chocolate since 1925. The artisan development still own original recipes and links the traditional methods with innovative techniques. A quirk worth.


We continue with Belgium. This house has sweetened the twentieth century since 1913 and everything indicates that it is much road ahead. Leonidas offers 100 different types of chocolates. A wide range of products, among which we can find even ice cream. They also have sugar-free varieties, so that no one can be without this food for health reasons.

Leonidas has more than 1,400 stores worldwide and in Spain has a wide representation. You can taste the chocolates in their stores Barcelona, Oviedo, Gijón, San Sebastian, Palma de Mallorca, Manacor, Marbella, Torrevieja and Salamanca.



You may be surprised to find this name on this list, as you will associate not an easy to find and advertised on television with the excellent quality we’re here promoting. But this Swiss house is actually one of the best in the world and, if you tasted your chocolates, you know it’s true. Chocolatier is probably the highest quality product you can find in the line of normal supermarket.

Founded in 1845, Lindt is somewhat less artisanal than the rest of references for this article, but the excellence of his work makes it worthy to be here. The strength and size of this mark is expressed in its range of tablets and chocolates, very diverse and stocked. Its line of dark chocolates Excellence, high percentage of cocoa, stands out as the finest of its entire range and is among the best in the world.

As you know, it’s easy to find Lindt chocolates at one of the supermarkets in your environment, but this house also has its own stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca Barakaldo.

Spanish chocolates



Belgium, Switzerland, France … Europe has great chocolateras regions, but Spain is not far behind. Paco Torreblanca , the best pastry chef and chocolatier of our country, manufactured in Elda (Alicante) exquisite chocolates, truffles and chocolates in many flavors: Nuts , spices, honey, teas, liqueurs … all with quality ingredients and philosophy to avoid any artificial additive and preservative. Totel products are healthy, natural and, of course, craft. You can find them in your workroom of Elda or its stores in Alicante and Valencia.

Oriol Balaguer

Excellence and personal signature carried the maximum expression in the pastry. The “artistic” work of Oriol Balaguer responds perfectly to the concept of “cuisine”. This time, applied to the pastry. And, as you can not to be outdone, also with the ingredient sweet king of the world. Although not their only source of inspiration, chocolate has a significant presence in the work of Oriol Balaguer. You’ll find a wide assortment of tablets, chocolate bars and chocolates arranged in a extraordinary quality colorful, elegant and modern packaging. A treat for sight, smell and taste.

You will enjoy the work of this pastry chef in the luxury shops of Madrid and Barcelona and soon also order online.


Cacao Sampaka

Another Spanish brand as young as prestigious. You can find your chocolates in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and also abroad: São Paulo (Brazil); Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa (Japan); and Al Kobar (Saudi Arabia). You can also buy in your Internet shop.

In Cacao Sampaka selected personally cocoa bean, the artisan processed and made an excellent raw material to prepare delicious high confectionery elaborations. Do not miss your bonbons and bold flavors (fruits, flowers, spices, tea …). They also have a wide assortment of creams of cocoa. All elaborately prepared to hand in pretty boxes and packaging.



This young chocolatier based in Cadiz house is presented as a champion of good taste and modernity. Your product is stylish, exclusive, elegant and original. Chocolates Pancracio not go unnoticed thanks to its easily recognizable packaging: minimalist, white and stale typography own reminiscences. Contrast, this seems to be the idea. Quality, originality and visual force behind the growth of this brand. With only 10 years of existence, you will find chocolates Pancracio throughout Spain and also in New York, Porto and London and make your orders online to receive in your own home.
And what taste Pancracio? With chocolate as an axis, you can not miss trying their tablets, chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles, rocks … but also their drinks. For example, the surprising and unique chocolate vodka. Serve very cold.

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Where is the best chocolate in Spain?
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